• “Estimate that the energy reform could increase annual foreign investment in Mexico by up to $15 billion while adding perhaps half a percentage point to the country's potential growth rate”
    - Researchers at JPMorgan Chase
  • “Mexico - 18th largest proven reserves in the world.”
    - IEA Research
  • “Mexico is our back yard." 60 years operational experience in Mexico. 200 years operating experience in Latin America.


Sun God Resources is participating in the opening of Mexico’s oil industry through bidding rounds, Pemex Farm-ins, and third party transactions.


Over 200 years of International Oil and Gas experience.


Why Mexico?

For the first time in 77 years, Mexico is inviting foreign investment into its hydrocarbon industry.  Industry analysts estimate Mexico’s potential oil reserves at up to 120 billion barrels, making it one of the largest hydrocarbon targets in the world. Sun God Resources Inc. plans to participate in growing Mexico’s hydrocarbon industry.

  • Opening up Natural Resources to the World
  • Allowing private sector ownership in oil and gas assets
  • Four annual bid rounds 2015 through 2019
  • Pemex permitted to negotiate farm-outs and service contract migrations

Mexico's Potential

Reserves: > 24.8 Bboe in 2P reserves (6x Colombia)

  • 18th in the world for conventional 1P reserves
  • 6th in the world in unconventional resources (IEA)

Production: ~2.5 mmboe/d, peak 3.71 mmboe/d (2.5x Colombia)

  • Recovery factor <15%
  • Significant opportunity to apply IOR/EOR

Most oil fields have not been optimally developed

  • Increase in recovery factor through new technologies ,
    horizontal drilling and secondary/tertiary recovery methods
Mexico 158 14,072
Venezuela 85 4,186
Argentina 134 3,854
Brazil 67 1,657
Colombia 29 396
Peru 13 167
Ecuador 9 132
Cuba 5 128


Participate in the opening of Mexico’s oil industry through bidding rounds, Pemex Farm-ins, and third party transactions.

Increase recovery targeting conventional, shallow onshore plays

14 Billion barrels of incremental recovery

  • 158 producing fields
  • Total country production 2.5mmboe production from 20 fields
  • 30,000 bopd fields are ignored
Active Bid Round Participant
  • Participate in bid rounds 1 to 4 (2015 – 2019)
  • Negotiate farm-in and migration contracts with PEMEX and services companies


Board of Directors

Russ Jackson

  •  Over 20 years in the Canadian capital markets
  •  Founder and Director, C & C Energy Canada Ltd, from inception to IPO. C&C grew from zero boe/d in 2005 to ~14,000 boe/d. He served as President of C&C Energy (Barbados Ltd.) from March 2005 to March 2007.
  •  Mr. Jackson was also the co-founder of Prospero Hydrocarbons Inc., a private Colombian oil company (which was sold to Alange Energy Corp. in 2009)

Chris Bloomer

  • Over 30 years of experience in domestic and international energy business
  • Former CEO and Director of Connacher Oil & Gas
  • Served as a senior executive (CFO, VP Heavy Oil, SVP COO and Director) with Petrobank Energy for 10 years, providing leadership throughout Petrobank’s corporate evolution including Petrominerales
    • Petrominerales accumulated ~2.5 million acres in some of Colombia’s most prolific oil basins growing production from ~2,500 boe/d at date of IPO (May 2006) to ~23,700 boe/d at the time of its sale to Pacific Rubiales in September 2013
  • Former President and COO and Director of Talon International, a public company with activities in Latin America in association with Pacalta Resources
  • SVP and COO of Castle Energy
  • Shell Canada, Director of its Liquids Business unit

Christopher Manderville LL.B

  • Partner, Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP; specializes in junior oil and gas exploration, production and service companies and has been involved in transactions in North, South and Central America, Africa, Middle East, Europe, Asia and Australia
  • Founding Director of multiple LATAM focused O&G companies

John Moreland

  • More than 40 years of international oil and gas exploration and production forcus on Latin America
  • President of CGEF, the association for Canadian international oil & gas companies

Executive Team

Russ Jackson – CEO

  • See description above.

John Moreland – President

  • See description above.

Bruce Cameron - Controller

  •  Over 25 years financial and accounting experience in international and domestic private and public companies.
  •  Mr. Cameron was also the CFO of Prospero Hydrocarbons Inc., a private Colombian oil company (which was sold to Alange Energy Corp. in 2009)
More than 200 years of combined International Oil and Gas experience


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